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"This is a sorry sight" - Macbeth

  1. Which of the following are comic characters in Shakespeare? You Answered: Feather, Cade, Pistol Correct Response: Falstaff, Touchstone, Feste
  2. Which of the following is described or featured in Shakespeare's plays? You Answered: All of the above Correct!
  3. Which Shakespeare heroine did NOT dress in mens apparel? You Answered: Viola Correct Response: Beatrice
  4. What characters in Shakespeare are known for their malapropisms? You Answered: Bardolph and Nym Correct Response: Dogberry and Elbow
  5. Three Shakespeare plays, which are commonly labeled "problem plays", are? You Answered: Julius Caesar, Cymbeline, King John Correct Response: Measure for Measure, All\'s Well That Ends Well, Troilus and Cressida

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