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Are you an Arboretum Wonk?

Question 1 of 5 Which is the tallest growing deciduous tree species native to the mid-Atlantic region, capable of reaching a height of over 120ft. at maturity?

Question 2 of 5 Trees are the longest living organisms on earth. The oldest trees species on record is the Bristlecone pine tree and grows in the western part of the United States in California, Nevada and Utah on the highest mountaintops. How old is the oldest Bristl

Question 3 of 5 Which tree genus is the most beneficial for wildlife and is also designated as the national tree of the United States?

Question 4 of 5 How many college campus arboretums exist within the District of Columbia?

Question 5 of 5 What year was the American University campus officially designated as an arboretum by the American Public Garden Association?