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are you a Food History Wonk?

Question 1 of 5 Only one of the following instructions can be found in the 1973 edition of The Joy of Cooking:

Question 2 of 5 Joel Barlow’s mock epic Hasty Pudding (1793) starts with the following line “Omne tulit punctum qui miscuit utile dulci.” The author translates that as:

Question 3 of 5 Which American poet wrote a poem celebrating the taste of an opossum?

Question 4 of 5 In 1796, the first American cookbook, Amelia Simmons’ American Cookery, was published. She was the first author who tried to define a national American cuisine. One of the following recipes is not in her book:

Question 5 of 5 One of the following cookbooks was not published in the 19th century: