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are you a Protein Wonk?

Question 1 of 5 The oxygen evolving complex in the proteins that perform photosynthesis in plants and algae is a cluster of metal atoms that converts water into oxygen using energy from sunlight. What metals are prominently involved in this cluster?

Question 2 of 5 What is the name of the protein that gives meat (muscle) its red color?

Question 3 of 5 Many pharmaceuticals effectively treat disease through their interactions with proteins in our cell membranes called GPCRs. What does GPCR stand for?

Question 4 of 5 Many neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s diseases, are characterized by the presence of plaques formed by proteins that have unfolded and aggregated. Which of the following cooking processes requires proteins to unfold and aggregate?

Question 5 of 5 When we sear a steak, thousands of savory flavor molecules are created—this chemical reaction is broadly called “The Maillard Reaction.” This occurs when amine groups on proteins react with sugar molecules. Which of the following amino acids (the build