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  1. What is the highest grossing documentary film of all time?
    • You Answered: An Inconvenient Truth Correct Answer: Fahrenheit 9/11
  2. Which of the following is not an example of successful fair use in documentary film?
    • You Answered: Using copyrighted material to repeat the original purpose (e.g., using a popular song as soundtrack) Correct!
  3. What do filmmakers think is acceptable ethical practice?
    • You Answered: Asking a subject to stage an activity that he or she usually performs Correct!
  4. Which of the following documentary films uses no fictional elements?
    • You Answered: Andy Warhol's Sleep Correct!
  5. Which of these films is not an example of cinéma vérité?
    • You Answered: The Maysles Brothers' Salesman Correct Answer: Joris Ivens' Rain

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