are you an Allman Brothers Band Wonk?

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  1. What year did the band perform at American University?
    • You Answered: 1970 Correct!
  2. Where is the Allman Brothers Band Museum located?
    • You Answered: Charleston, South Carolina Correct Answer: Macon, Georgia
  3. The Allman Brothers Band's debut album was titled:
    • You Answered: The Allman Brothers Band Correct!
  4. How many Allman Brothers Band guitarists were ranked in Rolling Stone’s 2003 issue, “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time”?
    • You Answered: 1 Correct Answer: 4
  5. Since 2005 the Allman Brothers Band has hosted the Wanee Music Festival here:
    • You Answered: Muscle Shoals, Alabama Correct Answer: Live Oak, Florida

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