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  1. What are crosstabs? You Answered: Fine-grained information within polling results. For instance, you may know that 70% respondents support a policy, but if you want to know how many Hispanic women support the policy, you can look to the cross tabs. Correct!
  2. In direct mail, what does red tag mean? You Answered: Mail that is categorized as political and will be treated as though it were first-class Correct!
  3. When buying online advertising space, you can often choose between buying CPM and what? You Answered: Cost-per-click (CPC) Correct!
  4. When a candidate or issue isn't listed near the top of the ballot, it's often referred to as what type of race? You Answered: Down-ballot Correct!
  5. In direct mail, how many seconds do you have to grab someone's attention? You Answered: About 5 Correct!

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