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Stephen Macavoy

Biogeochemistry Wonk


Cred PhD environmental science, University of Virginia; MS environmental science, University of Virginia; BS biology, Fairfield University

Livelihood Professor, environmental science, College of Arts and Sciences

Interests Biogeochemistry: how the environment shapes organism function

Focus Conducting research on the origin and fate of organic material in Washington’s Anacostia River

Recent Awards A U.S. Geological Survey grant for “Determination of Seasonal Source Variation of Hydrocarbons, Fatty Acids, Organics, and Nutrients in the Anacostia River”

Last Book You Read The Spectator Bird by Wallace Stegner

What Keeps You Up At Night? “There are experiments that nature is doing all the time. The challenge is figuring out what experiments she is doing. Sometimes we alter the experiment by dumping a bunch of pollution in the Anacostia or oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Then I see it as a very important part of my job to help see what nature’s doing. I feel like a detective sometimes.”

Are You a Wonk? “I have my wonk moments. I did an interview with Fox News on fish as homeland security for Washington waterways.”

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