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Robert W. Jernigan

Statistics Wonk


Cred: Ph.D. in Mathematics (Statistics concentration. Dissertation: Stochastic Ecology Models), University of South Florida

Livelihood: Professor of Statistics, Department of Mathematics and Statistics; Affiliate Faculty Member, Biology and Environmental Science

Interests: Statistical modeling of genetic, environmental, and evolutionary data. Illustrating statistical concepts through photographs of everyday patterns of wear and use. Cycling.

Focus: Making sense of randomness.

Last Book You Read: Dreamland: Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep by David K. Randall

Recent Awards: Best Evidence of Inspiring Students from the American Statistical Association for the video “Through the Eyes of a Statistician”

What keeps you up at night? Lack of sleep.

Intellectual Hero: Sir Francis Galton (English Victorian polymath)

How did you develop your expertise? By extending a childhood fascination with science.

Favorite Quotation: “If you study statistics, you can play in anyone’s backyard,” J.W. Tukey

What's your advice for aspiring people in your area? Study mathematics and a field of application.

If we know anything with certainty, what is it? Uncertainty is everywhere.

Are You a Wonk? Of course! Aren’t math and statistics types THE stereotypical wonks?

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