Julie Gerdes
Personality wonk

CRED MA public communication, American Univeristy; BA, English, Honors College, Louisiana State University; Barton Board Development and Training Leadership Fellow; American Management Association MBTI Certification

LIVELIHOOD Development manager at CityDance Ensemble

INTERESTS MBTI enthusiast, wedding philanthropist, arts advocate, health nut

FOCUS Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to inform fresh ways to tailor messages by personality and encourage philanthropy

RECENT AWARDS Best Capstone (Thesis): The Giving Type: A Study on How Different Personality Types and Temperaments Respond to Tailored Donation Appeals and Best Crisis Plan Awards, 2010

LAST BOOK YOU READ I’m enthralled with Stieg Larsson’s books. Yes, I have been working out all the character’s personality types. Lisbeth Salander is an INTP.

WHAT KEEPS YOU UP AT NIGHT? Everything. I am the lightest sleeper. Seriously, I seem to have my best ideas just before bed when I puzzle out ways to apply personality theory to just about everything.

HOBBIES Working out, analyzing people, wedding planning, blogging for Engaged With A Cause, traveling

ARE YOU A WONK? At 14 I discovered David Keirsey’s book Please Understand Me. Since then, I’ve been a personality junkie, using my knowledge of personality types to get into character for a school play, write believable short stories, recruit for non-profit boards, and recently, to develop tailored communication messages for charities.

Engaged with a cause
City Dance