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Cred New York Times bestselling author. BA, Photojournalism, Stanford University; MAL, Liberal Studies, Georgetown University

Livelihood Academic Director of Washington Journalism Semester and Assistant Professor in the School of Communication. Author of five books, including The Secret Lives of Wives, which made its debut on the Today Show in October 2011. The book has been covered in USA Today, Redbook, Huffington Post, Woman's Day—and O Magazine listed the title as one of its Top Ten Must Reads.

Interests People. When I write a book I conduct more than 200 interviews, face to face. In an age of rapid-fire cyberspace news I am grateful to have the opportunity to do old school journalism, excavating my subjects deeply and thoroughly over 200-plus pages. As I tell my journalism students, “finding out the truth takes time—don’t rush to be first; it’s more important to be right.”

Focus Research and analysis of marriage, family and the anatomy of love.

Recent Awards The 2011 Annie Award for Literary Arts, given by the Anne Arundel County Arts Council. My previous book, I Am My Mother’s Daughter, was honored as one of the three outstanding publications written by AU faculty authors in 2007.

Hobbies I relax by race walking an hour a day, rain or shine, through the woods near my house in Annapolis. Then I come home and cook family favorites like black bean meatloaf and grilled salmon.

Favorite Quote “The harder I work the luckier I get.” by Samuel Goldwyn

Are You a Wonk? “When I talk about my work, the vein is generally throbbing in my neck. I have always been passionate and single-minded in my mission to unravel the mystifying components of our most intimate relationships. It’s an obsession.

Am I a Wonk? Is Bill Clinton a flirt?”

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