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Don Williamson

Tax Wonk


Cred LLM, Georgetown University; JD, Cornell Law School; MBA, Cornell University; BA, Hamilton College

Livelihood Director, Masters in Taxation Program, Kogod School of Business; Executive Director, Kogod Tax Center

Interests Exploring the depth and complexities of the Internal Revenue Code, and teaching tax professionals how to effectively translate it for their clients

Focus How the tax code impacts small businesses, entrepreneurs, and middle-income taxpayers, who are often underrepresented in the tax policy and reform debate

Last Book You Read Colonel Roosevelt by Edmund Morris, the last of a fantastic series about the life of our twenty-sixth President

What Keeps You Up At Night? Thinking about the most unique intricacies of the tax code and how the Kogod Tax Center will research and highlight them for taxpayers.

Are You a Wonk? “Absolutely. It’s essential to understand the tax code—there isn’t an element of our lives it doesn’t impact.”

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