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Carolyn Brown

Latino-Documentary Wonk


Cred MLS in Liberal Studies, Northern Arizona University; BA in Political Science, Art/Art History, Colgate University

Livelihood Assistant Professor, School of Communication, Broadcast Journalism; documentary film maker

Interests Latino communities, Latino identity, the border, anti-immigrant militia groups, documentary, cable news, television producing

Focus I focus on producing documentaries and broadcast programs that tell stories of Latino communities and Latinos living in the United States. These stories are often untold in the mainstream media. I primarily focus on documentary television productions.

How did you develop your expertise? Years of working as a Professional Journalist, years in Academia, and the experiential knowledge that comes with being the daughter of a Latin-American immigrant and as a result oppotunity for student to buy lab report online that have been written with the utmost professionalism.

Recent Awards

For the documentary From the Fields: An American Journey:

  • 2013 Gracie Award (Outstanding Director)
  • 2012 California Film Awards (Orson Welles Grand Award)
  • 2012 CreaTV Film Award (Excellence in Directing)

Last Book You Read Latinos Inc., The Marketing and Making of A People by Arlene Davila

What Keeps You Up At Night? I’m often kept up wondering if work about Latino communities in the U.S. is truly understood. I hope that everyone in this country can one day appreciate the importance and potential of the growing Latino population living here.

Are You a Wonk? Yes, I am a wonk. Like most journalists and documentarians, I’m fearless. I am also untiring; I can shoot in the field, or sit and edit, for 15+ hours and the time will fly by. I love teaching my students how to produce television news and documentary in a responsible way.

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