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  1. How did Einstein describe quantum entanglement? You Answered: As his biggest mistake Correct Response: Spooky action at a distance
  2. Schrödinger’s cat is a thought experiment that highlights the seemingly paradoxical nature of what aspect of quantum mechanics? You Answered: The impossibility of causality Correct Response: The role of the observer in measurements
  3. According to Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, which of the following things cannot be known simultaneously with unlimited precision? You Answered: All of the above Correct!
  4. The principle of quantum superposition implies which of the following? You Answered: When a particle’s location is measured, then another particle is created in another location called the “superposition.” Correct Response: Quantum states can possess mutually exclusive properties at the same time, like “up” and “down” or “left” and “right.”
  5. The Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics is sometimes summarized as which of the following? You Answered: The quantum is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. Correct Response: Shut up and calculate.

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