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Matt Corkery

Basketball WONK


Cred MSc, sports and exercise sciences, BS, education, West Texas A & M. Played at Whitharral High School (Whitharral, TX). Coach at American University; Emporia State University; Stephen F. Austin State University; Howard College; West Texas A &M.

LivelihoodHead coach, women’s basketball

Interests Reaching my potential as a leader, teacher and basketball coach

Focus To help individuals succeed as a team

Hobbies Golfing, fishing, budding cigar aficionado, and movie buff (favorite: No Country for Old Men)

Recent Awards Patriot League Coach of the Year

Last Book You Read Steve Jobs, by Walter Isaacson

Intellectual hero? Bob Schneider (Corkery’s mentor and coach at West Texas A&M)

What Keeps You Up At Night? The next game

Favorite quote You play the way you practice.

Most exciting thing about coaching women’s basketball right now March Madness and the Patriot League Tournament

What is the most important lesson you can teach a young player? The value of hard work

How did you develop your expertise? Days, months and years in the gym. There’s really no other way around that.

If you could coach any team, from any era, which would it be? Our team, right now—without a doubt.

What’s your advice for aspiring coaches? Volunteer for a great program, and keep your mouth shut for the first year.

Are You a Wonk? You better believe it.

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