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Erin Fuller

Nonprofit Wonk


Cred SPA/BA '93, SPA/MPA '94

Livelihood President, Alliance for Women in Media, a national nonprofit that advances the impact of women in media; Coulter Companies, group president for strategy and innovation—specializing in nonprofit governance, marketing, branding, and communications

Interests The consummate consumption of all types of media, innovative ways of delivering cutting-edge content

Focus Research and analysis of marriage, family and the anatomy of love.

Last Book You Read The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

What Keeps You Up At Night? “Trying to figure out how to make gender-based organizations—and the issues we tackle—relevant to younger women.”

Are You a Wonk? “My love for obscure trivia, the fact I’ll read pretty much anything, and a job that positions me as an ‘expert.’”