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Brian Keane

Green Wonk


Cred SPA/BA ’89, former advisor to Senator Paul Tsongas (D-MA); congressional aide to Representative Les Aspin (D-WI)

Livelihood Founder and President of SmartPower, a nonprofit marketing organization promoting clean and efficient energy

Interests The environment, public health, political organizing, family, AU

Focus Independence from foreign oil, solar and wind power

Recent Awards Environmental Hero Award by People’s Action for Clean Energy, The EPA Clean Air Excellence Award

Last Book You Read The Promise: President Obama Year One by Jonathan Alter

What Keeps You Up At Night? Three children under the age of six, and trying to figure out how to get people to buy clean, renewable energy and be energy efficient

Are You a Wonk? “I love working on complicated issues and figuring out ways to make them relevant to the American people. I couldn’t make widgets all day, but I jump out of bed every morning to be a part of a cause.”

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