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Alex Priest

Social Media Wonk


Cred Kogod/BSBA marketing ’11; SOC/BA public communication ’11

Livelihood Building his private consulting firm, Hello Media

Interests Digital media, social media, interpersonal communication, design, Web development, politics and grassroots organizing, history, urban planning

Focus The social networking whiz founded AU’s Social Media Club. “Together we’re working to foster a new spirit of innovation in the classroom and trying to put conversation and social behavior at the center of the learning experience.”

Recent Awards The Kogod scholarship recipient has made the Dean’s List every semester.

Last Book You Read A 400-page guide to Washington, D.C., written in 1942 by the Works Progress Administration. “I found it tucked away at Capitol Hill Books in Eastern Market . . . fascinating stuff.”

What Keeps You Up At Night? “Heated rhetoric. On Twitter, debates seem more civil and factual. It would be nice if arguments in the real world were the same.”

Are You a Wonk? “I live for digital and social media, and thrive in any environment where I get to meet new people and have a geeky debate.”

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